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An extraordinary experience, 4000 fishes, sharks, pacific turtles, and clear tunnel, to dive into without be wet.


Dive into Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, Pacific ocean, and Mediterranean sea. 


All this stops reveal a variety of life forms, flamboyant colors, and unsuspected treasures.
Come and wander along the lagoon, and admire coral fishes, vibe in front of Australian shark, admire the dance of fishes into the tunnel..
Come inboard now and find out more than 4000 samples moving in front of your astounded eyes !
A lot of animations : meals of penguins, divers in the tunnel, introduction of the sharks,...
Spectacular: the pavilion of Australian sharks,
Unmissable : the lagoon and its tropical fishes,
fun : the colony of penguins.
A unique moment to share with family or between friends.

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