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During your visite at 3 stars Campsite of Bay in Guerandese peninsula, embark for a marine getaway towards the magnificent Morbihan's islands.

It's the bigger island of Ponant, and the more astonishing too with the variety of scenery it offers to visitors : torn cliffs, magnificent panoramic views, protected lands and dunes, quiet beaches, paths for hiking, picturesque fishing port... To see : The Citadelle Vauban, the Aiguilles of Port-Coton, the Pointe of Poulains, and its breathtaking panoramic view. 



This small piece op paradise raise over it high granitic cliffs. Alongside pedestrian paths, the coast is a breathtaking beauty and nature is everywhere. The village with its small white houses, and small streets overlooks the fishing port of Saint-Gildas, with its small colored boats, and its heaped fish racks on the dock.


At 15 kilometers from Houat, Hoëdic is calm and serene. As Houat no cars ! You'll discover small intimate beaches, Paluden marsh, wild carnations covering the dunes, and the small village with its typical houses, lively cafe... On foot or on bike only !

From Croisic and La Turballe, the shipping company Navix provide the crossing towards idyllic islands.

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